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Mambo fish, Tsukiji fishmarket, Tokyo

Had an early morning photowalk around Tsukiji with some buddies yesterday morning and this fella popped out and was just begging to have his photo taken.

The fish was about 3ft across and selling for 30,000Yen. Apparently it tastes like crap. Or at least it does to the Japanese palette, hence the price.

Tsukiji was a nightmare yesterday; full of tourists who obviously don't read the rules of the place or have any common-sense whatsoever. No wonder they try and ban people from time to time. I would.

It's why I always wear a prominent, Japanese badge that says I am a professional photographer. It separates me out from the hoardes of dickheads who dont respect the place.

Notes for tourists:

Engage brain.
Look over your shoulder 100% of the time or you will either get run over or be in someone's way.
This is a working market not a theme-park.
Dont touch anything, even the stuff in the bins. Everything gets used for food.
Dont bring suitcases and then wheel them around narrow aisles. Find a locker at the station and leave them there, like normal people do.
Remember that you are in the workers' 'office'. Just try and imagine what it would be like to have thousands of disrespectful tourists gawking at you doing your work and then you will begin to understand what the people at Tsukiji have to put up with.
Learn the Japanese for 'can I take a photo please?', hello, good-morning and some other basic pleasantries. It will go a long way to warming the people up when you are there.

End of lecture.

Nikon D700
High Contrast Colour 1 picture control
Three separate shots.
Tamron 14mm f/2.8