Mini Miu nude by Alfie Goodrich
© 2013 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

Miu plays Medusa: nudes with Mini Miu, Pt.3

One never wants to kill an idea by over-doing it. But I think this latest incarnation of the 'take one image and mirror it' idea with the nudes of Miu works well.. maybe the best out of all of them. Although I think each shot has its own charm.

When I shot this I very selectively lit the model from one side. Pretty much all of one side of Miu was in total shadow. We were just playing with very low-key lighting that day and what we ended up with was, as it turns out, the perfect source material for these mirrored pieces.

I love this one particularly for the way the light and mirroring works around her hips, bust and neck. The pose I asked her to get into works so well for this sort of idea.

Like I said on the picture I posted earlier today, I was feeling a little dispondent about this shoot. Sitting on the shots for three weeks and only touching them now has breathed a new life into the whole excercise for me.


  • Nikon D700
  • Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 G
  • Alien Bee Ringflash through a softbox, perpendicular to the model


  • One shot duplicated, flipped and butted-up to the original
  • Some burning-in in various places just to get a nice even tone of light and shade across her body
  • Discrete toning using a mixture of Nik Color Efex Pro 3's 'cross processing', 'burnt sienna' and 'paper toning' filters.. all faded back and used in very short measure.