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Multiple-exposures with the Nikon D700: Ginza in Duplicate

A fun shot I made at the end of a street photography workshop I did in Ginza last Saturday. Shots from each student and the projects we did on the workshop are going up on japanorama as soon as this Brad Pitt madness is over for me this week.


20mm f/3.5 AiS

Black and white in-camera using my Monochrome-02 setting

Multiple -exposure mode ON

Two shots

Auto-gain ON

How? First shot made with camera up to my eye in the traditional manner. For the second I rotated the camera 180 degrees and shot the camera upside down, being careful to try and place the second version of the clocktower in a place that would work with the first shot's placement.

I was trying to get equal framing of the two versions of the scene but it's tricky. :-)