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My Taxi Fetish Continues: Okachimachi, Tokyo

Two-and-a-bit years after shooting a magazine feature about Tokyo's taxis and drivers, I still can't shake the obsession. This is not a bad thing, as obsessions can often pay their way in the photographer's life and I have made money from selling photos and series about not just taxis but umbrellas, too: another of my obsessions.

With the taxis and their drivers the root of my obsession is part vehicular, part fauna, part scenic: I like the cars and their many different colours and liveries but the drivers add in that spice with their expressions and the mystery factor of us, the voyeur, being able to imagine what they may have seen in the course of their work. Then there is the fact that the taxi contributes so much to the mobile scenery of Tokyo with, at various times of the day, perhaps eight out of every ten cars being for hire in the city.

This was shot yesterday whilst out with some of the folk I'd been with over the weekend, teaching and shooting at +Eric Kim's Tokyo street photography workshop. It was taken in a part of town - Okachimachi - and in an exact spot -sat on the railing by the side of the roadm under the bridge - which has become a regular haunt for me. Great light, always plenty of action and lots of wonderful vantage points for shooting.

The tech stuff:

Nikon D700

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai lens [shot at f/1.2]

In-camera monochrome using my MonoHC-01 picture control.