Shinagawa Inter City architecture

architecture in the Inter City development, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
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The Inter City development in Shinagawa, Tokyo, has become a regular shooting haunt for me, for everything from fashion to street photography. I live fairly close-by, just a few stops along the Keikyu Line near Tachiaigawa. Apart from some great architecture, … Continue reading

Eiko: a portrait in Fukuoka

A portrait of Eiko
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Read the article linked to below for how a Bruno Aveillan book, some plastic, beer and some cameras led to a wonderfully fun time on a very cold day in Fukuoka. Thanks to my mate Chef and his lovely wife Eiko for … Continue reading

Two scenes from a movie called life

Sea and coast in Izu, Japan
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These were shot down at the beach in Izu the other weekend at a place called Bentenyama. The larger island is called Bentenjima. Lovely 45mins around sunset spent just shooting the waves breaking over the low wall that runs along … Continue reading

The empty stage: Kinugawa haikyo

Azusa modelling at the Kappa Onsen hotel haikyo, Kinugawa
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One more from last week’s outing to Kinugawa and one of the haikyo [abandoned buildings] there. This old enkan [or enka singing/karaoke ballroom] was remarkable: the stage, the curtains, the atmosphere of everything that had happened there over its years … Continue reading

Bored at work

Bored at work: Oimachi, Tokyo
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This pharmacist had obviously had a long day and was getting bore by the time 5pm rolled around. I was outside with a couple of friends, having a drink at a streetside standing bar. Gear? Nikon D700 Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 … Continue reading