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Patterns in blue: Nihombashi

I love Tokyo's winters: piercing blue skies, crisp cold air. But after a while the skies, what I'd call BBB (Blue But Boring), get a little un-interesting.

Until, that is, you start using how the perfect flat blue reflects in every glassy and metallic surface.

This new hotel on the main street from Nihombashi down into Ginza is a perfect example. And this is where the longer lenses come in super handy, cropping small pieces of the wonderful repeated patterns you find all over the city.

Get out in the city, take a long lens with you (anything over 135mm will do), look up, look out into the distance and you'll pretty son start seeing patterns everywhere.

Hasselblad 503CW
CFV50c digital back
Zeiss-Sonnar C250mm f/5.6