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Perfect light on buildings, Asakusa

After my wife and I visited our local shrine to do 'hatsumode' 初詣 (the first visit of new year), I headed off for a walk. After walking pretty much the whole of the first station of the Old Tokaido Road, from Tachiaigawa to Sengakuji, I jumped on the train to Asakusa. The area was obviously manic with locals and tourists alike, as it's a popular place at the best of times but especially on New Year's Day. I skirted the crowds, concentrating on the Asahi Beer Hall building, which last year had a clean-up and general renewal of its gold flame/froth/turd.

The light was perfect in quality and direction and I'd packed the C250mm lens for the Hassie, which turned out to be a great lens to have taken with me. The 250 is sharp as hell and its just the right length to get some nice compression. I'd packed the 80mm and the 250mm lenses with the 503CW and CFV50c digital back. Can't really get any better a combination than that. When you need to go out with only two lenses for the Hasselblad, whether it's for a walk around Tokyo or a trip to the moon, the 80 and the 250 will do it.

On that note, it's the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon this year. There are many great Hasselblad/moon resources out there but one of the best is the free collection of pictures, which you can access most easily here, on Flickr.

Hasselblad 503CW
CFV50c digital back
Zeiss Sonnar C-250mm f/5.6