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Pre-wedding photography in Tokyo

There's an article about my shooting mindset and also a before and after version of this shot, with a breakdown of the workflow. It's all here;


So, I am making a little time to go back over stuff I've shot in the past few months and get it online and in my portfolio. Sometimes it's hard to spend so much time doing this. Once the job is finished, it's on to the next one....

This was from a shoot I did with a couple from Hong Kong, who were in Tokyo for a trip around the time of their wedding. Lovely couple and we had a lot of fun travelling around various spots in town shooting photos.

It's something I get a fair few enquiries for a year, the pre-wedding photographs in Tokyo. Always good fun to get out on the streets and shoot with two willing models, especially when one has a wedding dress tucked up underneath her tracksuit... ready to whip out whenever necessary! :-)

Nikon D700
Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF-D