Professor Satoshi Ono, visiting fellow of GRIPS in Tokyo
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Professor Satoshi Ono for Eurobiz Magazine

The great thing about shooting a wide variety of types of work is that I get to meet loads of interesting people. This is Professor Satoshi Ono, visiting fellow at Tokyo's GRIPS [Graduate Institute for Policy Studies]. I met him at the Tokyo University [Todai] Campus and sat in on David McNeil's interview, taking some shots of him during that and then afterwards outside the building.

Three shots were featured in the January edition of Eurobiz magazine.

There's a quick and dirty iPhone shot of it in the magazine here.


  • Nikon D700
  • Nikon 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6G
  • SB800 speedlight bounced into a small umbrella, 45degrees up and 45degrees out at camera-right.
  • SB26 speedlight on the floor behind him