Dusk in Tokyo: silhouetted people in the Hikarie Building, Shibuya, Tokyo
© 2017 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

The purple of dusk in Tokyo: at the Hikarie building, Shibuya

The Hikarie Building in the Shibuya district of Tokyo is one of those buildings that I always try to make time to go and visit, especially if I am in Shibuya around sunset.

The view towards sunset can be frustrating, as the best windows to shoot out of  (the far left corner of the inside of the 11th floor) are always filthy dirty on the outside and the setting sun shows up all the muck. It's not so bad if you are shooting with a long lens but yesterday I only had the 80mm on the Hasselblad and the 35mm on the Nikon. And I wanted a wide shot, so that was that.

Instead I made do with the other fave shot I have here: people silhouetted up against the window that faces Shinjuku.

Wasn't quite perfect as I wanted everyone's outline separated from the window frames. One guy's wasn't but I didn't want to dwell in the aim too long as I felt he would move out of shot at any moment.

But, I love the colours and that was a huge part of the reason for shooting this when I did.

Settings here? Well, the main thing I always do at dusk is out the white-balance in K (Kelvin) mode and dial in about 4000K. I do this through the Live View, so I can see the exact colour I am getting on the screen and compare it with the real world whilst I'm there. Mood and nuances of colour and especially hard to recall when you are back home and trying to do the colour corrections in post, so I always prefer - even though I am shooting RAW - to nail the colour on-site in this way.

Nikon D800E
Kerlee 35mm f/1.2 @ about f/5.6
My custom Picture Control: Ektachrome 2