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Random [but beautiful] kimono-girl; Kamakura, Japan

Did a great photowalk in Kamakura last Saturday with a lovely bunch of people. Superb shots from all [which will be up on japanorama later this week] and a great barbecue to round the day off.

This lady was in the street with some of her family, just near to a little shrine we were shooting at. I had the tilt-shift camera on me and grabbed this quick shot of her.

Seems to be a week for me shooting girls in orange kimonos.... currently sitting here editing up shots of Akiko from our shoot in Tokyo last week, which are for a new sushi restaurant in San Francisco. Will post some of them once the client has signed-off on the job :-)

Mamiya 645AFDii
Mamiya auto-bellows
Mamiya ZD digital back
127mm f/4.7 Kodak Ektar lens
Forward tilt to get this plane of focus.