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Re-energising this blog

It's been a long time since I regularly updated this blog. That's changing as of today.

One of the main reasons I lapsed was that, for a long time, I'd been using Google Plus to cross-post pics to this blog. I liked Google Plus, It was good for me and I was sad to see it go. It also had a very handy plugin, written by a pal of mine, to allow me to post once there and have that post published to here as well. At a time when a decent mobile posting tool for WordPress didn't exist, it was especially handy for me as I could post from my phone and have my blog updated.

So, anyway, details.....

Of course, I still use social media but Instagram's image quality is terrible, the app's algorithm is a train-wreck and Twitter has a 240character limit.

I have my other websites but sometimes I just want to post a single photo and talk about it.

So, the blog is back. Welcome.

And we're starting with a re-edit of a shot I took back in 2017, for a fashion shoot and collaboration between a couple of friends.

Ao is a superb and now very busy model. My friend Alexandria was living in Japan at the time and starting to do some production work here. She'd collaborated with the London fashion label NeonRose before. And they provided the clothes for this shoot.

We shot a few outfits, in a few of my fave parts of Tokyo.

This was shot outside Hamamatsucho Station. I love the way the bridges over the road create this 'v' of space above. In the daytime the light and shadows are wonderful. At night it's totally different.

I used my trusty old Nikon D800e here, with a Chinese 35mm f/1.2 lens. The 'Kerlee'. One speedlight was positioned at camera left to get a pop of light into Ao's face.