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Reflections of green trees above in okiome below; Meiji-jingu Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

One of my new photography students, Lucy, and I headed to Meiji-Jingu for a lessonn last week and purely concentrated on shooting pictures of the okiome; the stone water container at the entrance of the shrine, which you use to wash your hands and purify yourself before entering the shrine. The wooden handles of the cups, the refelections of the trees above, the water, the stone: we spent an hour photographing all of its facets. A great excercise for Lucy and for me. She ended up with some great shots and learned a lot. I was very happy.

This was my favourite. Shot wide-open on my Macro lens.

Nikon D300

Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 AF D @ f/2.8