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Revisiting good locations & the orange towel

Some places just keep drawing your back. Others end up being the sorts of places you just naturally gravitate back to or pass by now and then. The buildings near the bus depot between Shibuya and Ebisue are like that for me.

There's the buses. There's a great railway overpass. There are the buildings. Each time I pass, I seem to have a different camera or lens on me. It always helps me see something new.

The 250mm for the Hasselblad is a great lens to walk around with, because it forces me to 'think down the road'. By which I mean it's length means I'm focused on objects farther away. Or it helps me focus on something small in a big scene.

Like the orange towel in this shot.

I like washing hanging outside people's houses and flats. It's a window into people's lives. And it's often the one splash of colour in an otherwise drab scene.

And I love the way this lens compresses distance. Rendering deep subjects as flat planes.

It's a good spot to keep going back to.

Hasselblad 503CW
CFV50c digital back
Zeiss-Sonnar C 250mm f/5.6