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Satisfying Experience: Shibuya, Tokyo, in the rain….

I was out two nights ago doing a night photography lesson for a student whose husband had bought her some lessons as a gift. We'd be trying to catch up for ages but she was busy, I was busy and Sunday we postponed because of the rain.

Monday we finally met up and thought we'd have a dry lesson.... no rain was forecast until maybe 10pm, long after we'd be finished.

The rain that arrived at about 6.45pm took everyone in Tokyo by surprise... and not just because it came but because of how it came; typhoon style.

Myself and Weinee did our lesson. She got some great shots BEcause of the rain rather than in spite of it.

I love shooting in the rain partly because I know a load of great spots where I can shoot from with a telephoto and keep myself dry.

Neither of us had a telephoto on Monday but we used some of the 'dry spots' to shoot from. The rain was so hard that it was tricky even under the bridge near Shibuya station to keep dry.

In the right foreground of this shot you can see a sort of white cloud... that was a torrent of water coming down off of the bridge onto the pavement.

I shot a few pics whilst Weinee was doing some long-exposures. Didn't take many as I was concentrating on helping her....

I noticed just now, as I was working on this shot, that the guy's t-shirt says 'Satisfying Experience'. A pretty good, all-round description of the evening!


Nikon D700

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai