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Satoru Masunaga

In September 2011 I was asked to accompany a journalist and shoot some pics to go with his story on Masunaga Optical, spectacle maker based in Fukui, Japan.

This is Satoru Masunaga current president of the company and grandson of the founder.

Masunaga Optical was founded in 1905 and perhaps became most famous in recent times for being the maker of the specs worn by Sarah Palin. A coincidence that, Masunaga-san told me, became more of a problem that it was worth....

Lovely guy. Very talkative. Very friendly and warm.

And, as you would imagine with shooting a guy who makes spectacles for a living... I wanted to spend some time focusing in on his eyes.


Nikon D700

Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 @ f/3.2

All natural light... there was a lovely window bringing the light in on his face.

Small-ish room which made shooting the telephoto a great choice as with the short physical distance involved from me to my subject, I got lots of lovely perspective compression and the depth of field was brutally shallow... which helped me concentrate on the eyes and glasses.

This edit is a little more the style I like. The magazine wanted a more 'straight' version