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Scenes at the tea-house; Kyu- Iwasaki-tein House and Gardens, Taito-ku, Tokyo

One of my students, Yuka-san, came with me to the Kyu Iwasaki-tei gardens today. The house there was built for the Iwasaki family, namely Iwasaki Yataro, co-founder of Mitsubishi. It was designed by the British architect Josiah Condor. I will be putting more information up on Japanorama.co.uk this week about the house with more pictures.

These two items were in the tea house, the only Japanese-style part of the residence. One is a detail from a ceiling lampshade. I don't know what the rabbit and parasol item is called but it was very pretty.

Nikon D300

85mm f/1.4 D AF @ f/1.4