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Street Candid in Omotesando, Tokyo

I was walking to meet a student for her first lesson and saw ahead of me this poster.... and reckoned it would be a great place to get a shot.

Didn't have time to stop, as I was almost running late for the lesson. So, got ready, set the lens to f/8 and using the distance scale on the lens moved the focus ring so I had depth of field from 1m to infinity [zone focusing]. At 400ISO that meant I was getting around 250th sec speed. Perfect, as I was walking and my subject would probably be walking too.

Got near the poster and this lady was just heading towards it and me. As I passed her and the poster, turned to my left, framed, shot and kept walking.

Would have been nice to have been closer to her.... but I'll go back here and get some more shots soon. Monochrome is a bit flat for some maybe..but I'm kind of in to a low-contrast thing at the moment.


Epson R-D1

Avenon 21mm f/2.8