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Suburban Girl | Yumi Glams-Up Yashio

As a foreigner in Japan, I get stared at: often. It doesn't bother me at all. So it doesn't really bother me to go the next step and do stuff that might get me stared at even back in my home country of England....

...like dropping into some small suburban town, putting some light-stands and strobes in the street and then adding a pretty woman in a ball-gown.

We'd done some shots earlier in the day with Yumi in more 'everyday' clothes but she'd changed for a shot we were planning to do in another small town on the way back into Tokyo.

On the way to the station my mate +Paul Church, who lives in this place - Yashio - walked me to this arrow painted on the street. Being a man who knows my taste in road-markings and street furniture, Paul was not wrong about me getting excited about a massive arrow like this.

So, Yumi stood there and I shot her. Lovely.

The Gear?

Nikon D700

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/4


1/160th sec

One SB800 on a stand at camera right, snooted