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Blue Friday

In all the years I’ve been visiting and living in Tokyo, one thing is constant: I’ve not yet become bored with the city. I can probably put some of this down to the fact that I’m an inquisitive photographer. So, … Continue reading

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Patterns in blue: Nihombashi

I love Tokyo’s winters: piercing blue skies, crisp cold air. But after a while the skies, what I’d call BBB (Blue But Boring), get a little un-interesting. Until, that is, you start using how the perfect flat blue reflects in … Continue reading

My son Joe at Lake Motosu, Japan
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Camping by the shores of Lake Motosu

Last week we had a great camping trip, for three days, to Lake Motosu in the Fuji Five Lakes area. Great campsite. Fully recommended. There’s details on the site in the post at the link below, along with a whole … Continue reading