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Mini Miu nude by Alfie Goodrich
© 2013 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

Miu plays Medusa: nudes with Mini Miu, Pt.3

One never wants to kill an idea by over-doing it. But I think this latest incarnation of the ‘take one image and mirror it’ idea with the nudes of Miu works well.. maybe the best out of all of them. … Continue reading

Mini Miu: nude diptych
© 2013 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

Getting back into nudes, gently….

It’s been years since I shot nudes; at art-college in the early 1990s was probably the last time I did a lot of it. I shot a few semi-nudes during the workshop I did lats year in Miyazaki and a … Continue reading