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My son Joe at Lake Motosu, Japan
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Camping by the shores of Lake Motosu

Last week we had a great camping trip, for three days, to Lake Motosu in the Fuji Five Lakes area. Great campsite. Fully recommended. There’s details on the site in the post at the link below, along with a whole … Continue reading

Sea and coast in Izu, Japan
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Two scenes from a movie called life

These were shot down at the beach in Izu the other weekend at a place called Bentenyama. The larger island is called Bentenjima. Lovely 45mins around sunset spent just shooting the waves breaking over the low wall that runs along … Continue reading

Paddle boarding at sunset, Kamakura, Japan
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Paddle-boarding in the last of the sun., Kamakura, Japan

I don’t post many photos these days that are cropped to widescreen but this one just suited the crop. I actually have a custom ground-glass screen in my Nikon, which has 16×9 and Panavision crops ground into it. So when … Continue reading