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The Family: Kaneyo beach bar, Mabori-kaigan, Kanagawa, Japan

19th March 2011

We spent a lovely day touring the coast from Zushi, to Hayama, Jogashima and down to one of our favourite places outside Tokyo: Kaneyo beach bar at Mabori-kaigan.

Had my 40th birthday party here in 2009 and we've had some great days down on the beach since.

Surreal to be on the beach playing with the kids just nine days after the same ocean washed away whole towns and villages farther north. But, whilst paying attention to the tsunami evacuation routes and shelters nearby, we felt it would be good to try and get the kids back to some sort of normality. They'd soaked up a lot of the stress that had been going on since the quake and there's nothing like running around on the sand, collecting shells and playing on the tide-line to make you feel relaxed and invigorated.

This picture - apart from my friend Sam, who was off-camera somewhere - basically encapsulates all that was dear to me to protect from danger on March 11th when our flat started rocking.

Our hearts go out to those for whom the sea will always be the thing that took away everything that was dear to them. We think all the time of those less fortunate than ourselves. We feel the best way to honour them is by donating what we can afford [clothes, time, an ear to listen] and by seizing every moment and celebrating our own lives; smiling, building, looking forward.

Mamiya 645AFDii
Mamiya 80mm f/1.9