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The Olde Worlde Charm of Ningyocho

The neighbourhood of Ningyocho in Tokyo's Chuo-ku borough, is a place I visit often and it's full of relaxed, olde worlde charm.

Ningyocho is about 25mins on the train from where we live. It's a charming old neighbourhood of small shops, restaurants, houses and artisans. I go there often to shoot and have done many walks and workshops in the area as it has much to offer the photographer.

Here's a little map showing the areas I usually explore there.

The map also shows the position of a wonderful little deli, where you can pick up a snack to walk with or sit on one of the benches outside to eat. If you're a meat-eater, try their famous 'menchi katsu' or minced beef croquette. There's plenty to enjoy if you're vegetarian, too.

Whilst you're walking the area, here's a few things to focus on:

  • Textures: like the photo featured here, Ningyocho has some beautiful textures and materials to photograph. Wood, stone, tile. Monochromatic and colourful.
  • Street scenes: the locals are friendly and you'll find some lively streets and interesting characters to photograph.
  • Colours: focusing on a series of shots that showcase one key colour is something I've done a few times here. Yellows, reds, blues. Deciding upon one colour to capture and collect really focuses the mind and keeps the eyes hungry.

The Tech Stuff....

  • Fuji X100S with its 23mm f/2 (35mm equivalent) lens.
  • Pro Neg H film emulation setting.