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There comes a time when we all need some space to think: Osanbashi Pier, Yokohama, Japan

Osanbashi Pier in Yokohama is an amazing place to shoot. It's the passenger terminal for the liners that dock in Yokohama and is one of the most amazing pieces of public architecture in Japan and one of the reasons I love Yokohama. Tokyo is great but, frankly, there is very little shared, public space in the city. Yokohama has made much better use of its waterfront and the top of the passenger terminal is one of the best pieces of shared space I know of within easy reach of Tokyo.

This lady was just sitting there, enjoying the space. It was the reason Joe and I got out of the city for the day; the need for some space.

Lovely day. I like this shot too. Although it was poorly executed [handheld HDR which has some movement between the frames and hence some ghosting] and it isnt that sharp. However, it's one of those shots that is a rehearsal for using this location for some better work to come very soon.

Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 @ 11mm and f/8

5-frame bracketed, hand-held burst blended in Photomatix.

Black and white conversion, mid-range contrast and heightened red sensitvity. Faded back to 70% to let the colour bleed back through.