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Tokyo Skytree at Sunset

Yesterday looked like it might produce a lovely sunset and a views of Mount Fuji. The mountain never materialised but it was a beautiful sunset.

I'd been out on Sunday, with some students, shooting the city with telephoto lenses. So yesterday, when it seemed like it would be a lovely end to the day, I decided to take the Hasselblad and long lenses off to a spot I know outside the city and get some shots.

The viewpoint I like is about 40mins away by train. I checked the line of the setting sun with my TPE app and jumped on the train so I'd get there about 30mins before the sun started really dropping fast.

Mount Fuji never showed her face. But the colours and the hazy light made for a gorgeously dramatic and slightly eery sunset.

I shot a few with the CFi 150mm lens on the Hasselblad. This one, though, was shot with my old faithful: the Zeiss-Sonnar 250mm f/5.6 C series lens.

Hasselblad 503CW
CFV50c digital back
Zeiss-Sonnar C 250mm f/5.6