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Tokyo Street Photography With Flash

Shot 26th April 2012

Getting close and shooting with a flash in the street is probably something I would never have done had three things not occured in my life:

1. Making friends with Charlie Kirk some years ago in Tokyo

2. Starting to shoot some paparazzi work

3. Being one of the teachers on an +Eric Kim street workshop

The paparazzi work I do is not the hardcore type. I don\'t sit in people\'s gardens with a 600mm lens and I don\'t chase them around town on a motor-scooter. I do their arrival at the airport, the press conferences and the movie premieres.

But it\'s helped me get more comfortable with getting close and using the flash.

In the street the main thing is to smile at people, look happy, try and talk to them if possible. Then lots of things are possible.

I got this one last night whilst I was out in Shinjuku teaching a student about shooting at night in the street. He was not using flash but had a little fun watching me. I took maybe five shots all night. A lot of the success of this work is in choosing interesting subjects... and ones who don\'t look like they are going to beat you up or have a cardiac-arrest if you flash them.

Plus, the rangefinder just generally makes me more selective about who, when and how much I shoot.

The Gear?

Epson R D-1 @ 400ISO and 1/15th sec

21mm Avenon lens set to f/11

Small Sunpak flash on top of the camera set to Manual at 1/16th power and 24mm zoom.