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Tokyo Tilt-shift: Homeward bound, Shinjuku

Was out the other day, around Shinjuku, and took the opportunity to do some shooting with the tilt-shift Mamiya.

Bloody hard work and as you get towards low-light conditions, the ZD back is not in its element. It's a daylight camera. Closer you get to the combination of wide-open on the lens, 320-400 ISO and longer exposures the noise really starts showing.

But, this fella came out OK.

Hand-holding this beast of a camera is not easy at a slow shutter-speed.....!

Mamiya 645 AFDii
Mamiya ZD back
Mamiya macro bellows
Kodak 127mm f/4.7 Ektar lens from 1948.

Movements, as I recall: rear tilt of the front standard and a bit of rising front.