Sea and coast in Izu, Japan
© 2012 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

Two scenes from a movie called life

These were shot down at the beach in Izu the other weekend at a place called Bentenyama. The larger island is called Bentenjima.

Lovely 45mins around sunset spent just shooting the waves breaking over the low wall that runs along part of the beach there.

The sea is something I grew up very close to and spent a lot of time on, in and by as a child. I don't have beaches like this so near to where I live anymore so any opportunity to get onto one and spend some quality time is something I am very grateful for.

I didn't shoot any video that afternoon. Shame. I meant to. I'm getting into shooting more video these days, gathering bits of footage here and there. I want to put a movie together about Japan. In 2017 I will have been living here ten years. I've spent since 1999 coming and going.

I love moving pictures. I love music. Feels like the right time to start putting something together again....


Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f.1.2Ai