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Two Wrecks, One Beauty | Yumi in Yashio

Seeing a recent picture of Kate Moss shot in really brutal HDR made me wonder about shooting models like that.

I didn't actually do this HDR but it's sort of processed a little to look like that, with the structure brought up in the areas around the model. These old cars suited that sort of look and the sky was good the day we shot this, so it worked out kind of nice as a test.

These are test shots. I'm doing a workshop out in this location soon and I like to see the places, try them with models and check out how accessible and comfortable the whole experience is on location in a new place.

For the real shots here, I would for sure be clothing the model in something more in keeping or in contrast with the cars. But it was good fun to try out the place and get a few shots for Yumi before she re-locates to Osaka.

Gear and processing?

Nikon D700

14mm f/2.8 lens [wider than I'd normally shoot a person with but the scene lent itself to wide]

One SB800 through an umbrella to light Yumi

One SB800 in front of my feet, to get some light into the bottom of the shot

Both flashes fired by Yongnuo radio triggers [cheap and very good alternative to expensive Pocket Wizards]

Nik Color Efex Pro 4 in Photoshop to extract details, darken certain areas. Luminosity blend with Silver Efex Pro

Ten minutes in Photoshop. That's usually my rule and this one was done in ten mins.