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Walks with the camera: looking down

As a professional photographer, I constantly need to exercise my eyes to keep them fit for purpose. Some days I just go out and spend my time looking at the floor.

My brain and eyes are like a radar set: they scan the world around me, all the angles, searching out scenes or objects to zero in on and capture.

Restricting the radar beam can be a great exercise: looking up, looking down, looking for squares, circles, red things, blue things. Limitations help you train.

Looking down at the floor, especially with a camera or lens that focuses close-up, can be a hugely satisfying experience.

Textures, tiny things we normally walk past, patterns.. all take on a new feeling when you spend time to study them.

And then there is the process of 'collecting things'. I've said it many times before, moving to a small flat in Tokyo helped me redraw my attitude towards collecting stuff. I simply don't have the space anymore to hoard. So I collect things with my camera.

Numbers are one of those things.

Fuji X100S
By the riverside, Asakusa, Tokyo.