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Which yellow is going to be first to fall? : Ueno Park, Tokyo

I like autumn in Japan. Well anywhere actually but especially in Japan, where it signals the fact that one has autumn, winter and spring before another boiling, humid and insufferable summer comes along.

I like it for the colour, for the freshness of the air, for the food that comes during autumn, for the fact that I can walk more than 50metres without needing a shower because of the humidity. I like it for the walks, therefore, that I can do over the span of a day - just soaking up the world around me gently with my camera.

I spent a few hours out yesterday with +Chris Camargo, whom I'd met during the weekend's photography workshop. He was suffering from non-Japanese breakfast withdrawal so I invited him over yesterday morning and cooked him double egg on toast. We had a chat about some projects he's working on and then took the train up to Ueno to meet some of the other folks who were still in town after Eric Kim's workshop.

Ueno Park is now looking pretty good, the ginko in particular. But the fella in this shot was probably not fussed about the display the tree was putting on, just the fact that he was able to catch a few z's on the bench.

But Chris and I were wondering..... 'which yellow is gonna fall first?'

The tech stuff:

Nikon D700

Nikkor 135mm f/2 AiS

'Landscape' picture control and a slight twak of contrast and saturation in Photoshop.