Shinagawa Inter City architecture

architecture in the Inter City development, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
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The Inter City development in Shinagawa, Tokyo, has become a regular shooting haunt for me, for everything from fashion to street photography. I live fairly close-by, just a few stops along the Keikyu Line near Tachiaigawa. Apart from some great architecture, … Continue reading

Final shot of the day with Cynthia

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It was blowing a gale and not exactly what you'd call 'warm'. But, with our model in the mood and Shinyong holding the softbox down we set about getting the finale shot on last week's shoot. Wanted this shot for … Continue reading

Density: Osaka

© 2014 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

Got this out of the window on the 27th floor of the Imperial Hotel in Osaka last year, whilst I was on my lunch break at a shoot I was doing for a regular client. Been up to various high … Continue reading

Tokyo Tower In The Snow

Tokyo Tower in the snow
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I shot these two studies of the Tower in the snow of 8th February, on my way from Hammamatsucho over to Azabu and Roppongi. The red, the lines, the flakes of snow.. all seemed to make for a wonderful combination … Continue reading

The Ten Minute Fashion Shoot

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With +Shinyong Lee  Never one to pass up the chance of a quick shoot, Shinyong posed for a few quick snaps yesterday. We’d just finished a meeting over at a friend’s cafe in Asagaya, so with just a few minutes … Continue reading

One from a recent trip to NYC

New York architecture
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I was recently in New York, shooting for the same client for whom I am travelling and shooting now. This was one of those moments, which occurred a few times in the Big Apple, where I was in a cab … Continue reading

Charming the locals in Indonesia

Portrait of two local ladies in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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I’d been location scouting for my shoot tomorrow and at the end of the first session of scouting, these two ladies happened past me. They’d taken photos of each other and I approached and asked to get one of the … Continue reading