About Alfie

Welcome. ようこそ

My name’s Alfie Goodrich. I am a British freelance photographer and photography educator, based in Tokyo. I travel throughout Japan for work and occasionally abroad.

There are loads more articles and photos about Japan at my Japanorama website, here.

In 2015, it was my honour to be made a Hasselblad Ambassador. Read more about the Hasselblad announcement here. You can also see a few shots and read a little more about my year here.

In early 2015, I had the honour of serving as official photographer to HRH The Duke of Cambridge during the occasion of his official visit to Japan. You can see a selection of the photos here, at the Flickr page of the British Embassy in Tokyo. There is a post on this site, featuring some of the photos, here.

Back in 2019, I started presenting a travel programme called ‘Journeys in Japan’ for NHK World television.

The latest few shows are here below, for at least a few more months until NHK pulls them off their OnDemand service.

April 2024: We’ve just finished filming in Okinawa. That new show will be released in mid-May.

Yakushima, November 2023: me playing British photographer and botanist Ernest Henry Wilson in a time-slip episode where Wilson returns to the island he visited first in 1913.

Watch now on NHK OnDemand

Koyasan, late summer of 2023: me being me and exploring the fascinating mountain top town of Koyasan and its world of Shingon Buddhism.

Watch now on NHK OnDemand

Tochigi, September of 2022: me reprising as Sir Ernest Satow and exploring the area around Lake Chuzenji, where Satow came in the late 1800s and built what was to become an embassy for the British.

Click here to watch at NHK On Demand

One or two of the other shows I’ve done….

Muroran and Rausu, Hokkaido

Haterumajima, Okinawa Islands

Michinoku, Tohoku, Japan

Thanks to everyone who voted for my photoblog in the Photoblog Awards in the past. Sadly they don’t seem to exist anymore. I made it to the runner’s-up list in the Asian category in 2008, received an honorable mention in 2009 and narrowly missed winning the overall title of Best Asian blog in 2010, 11 and 12.

I started taking pictures aged five and had my first photos published in 1991, at the age of 22. From 1991 until 2001 I worked in the music business in the UK, as Press Director for Nimbus Records and then as General Manager for Black Box Music in London. During that time my music photography was published in magazines and newspapers across the world. I also photographed Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD Festivals for some years and in 2002 was chief photographer and photo editor for the official website of Glastonbury Festival. In 2002 I started my own graphic and web-design business in the UK. Since moving to Japan I do less of that and concentrate 99% of my time on photography. I work in Japan as a commercial photographer and photojournalist. I am freelance and work for a range of commercial, private and editorial clients.

As well as shooting, I teach photography in Tokyo and currently have about 600 students on my mailing list. As well as frequent one-to-one lessons with students all over Tokyo, I organize weekly workshops and photowalks. Find out more about lessons here and about the photowalks and tours I organise, here.

My commercial work gets commissioned by clients for various uses; their corporate websites, anniversary books,  annual reports and brochures, signage and in their business premises for display as prints and large-scale murals. I also shoot commercial portraits  & publicity photos for a variety of commercial clients, artists and musicians. There is a page on my Japanorama website with some more info about the work I do for clients, with some samples of work.

Clients for my photography have included…..

  • [World] Haneda Airport [TIAT], McLaren Automotive, AMG Mercedes, Advertising Week, Porsche, TIME Magazine, Wall Street Journal, The International Monetary Fund, The International Development Bank, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, DB-Schenker, Hasselblad, Getty Images, Shell Oil, Johnson & Johnson, Advertising Week, TED, Tommy Hilfiger, Microsoft, BMW.
  • [UK] Redwood Publishing, The Royal Household, The Official Ferrari Magazine, Rugby World Magazine, Digital Photographer magazine, BBC Music Magazine, Classic fM Magazine, Songlines Magazine, The Independent newspaper, Gramophone Magazine, Glastonbury Festival, WOMAD Festival, Nimbus Records, Black Box Music, BBC Online, Wayfarers Travel.
  • [Japan] Japan Tourist Board (JTB), Mitsubishi-FUSO, DMG-Mori, Google Japan, You Tube, Housing Japan, The British Embassy in Tokyo, Tokyo International Air Terminal, Haneda Airport, Toshiba, Schenker-Seino, Mazda, Lexus, Toyota, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Eisai Pharmaceuticals, TedXTokyo, Japan Airways, Jetstar Asia, Air Asia, Subway Japan, Lamborghini, Ferrari, UD Trucks, Eurobiz magazine, Servcorp Inc, Nile’s Nile magazine, Cuisine Kingdom magazine, Gourmet Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, Tokyo Chiropractic College, JapanToday, Japan National Tourist Organisation, The Govt. of Japan’s “Highlighting Japan” magazine, Yokohama Country and Athletic Club, Tokyo American Club.
  • [Scandinavia] Hasselblad, Plaza/Uomo Magazine, SAS Airlines Magazine, SAS Airlines PR Dept, Shisa Brand [Faroes], Hon Magazine [Faroes].
  • [Korea] The Korea Herald
  • [Mexico] Accent Magazine, TIME Publishing, Travel & Leisure Magazine
  • [The Netherlands] KLM Airways
  • [Malaysia] Air Malaysia
  • [China] Cathay Pacific Airlines, South China Morning Post, ELLE Magazine, Parents magazine
  • [Brazil] Digital Photographer magazine
  • [Italy] Ferrari, The Trip magazine, La Repubblica newspaper, Working Style Magazine, La Reppublica
  • [USA] Advertising Week, United Airlines “Hemispheres” magazine, Travel and Leisure Magazine, Northwestern University, The Trip magazine, TIME Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Ellipsis Arts Music, Berkeley University, World Music Magazine, Dirty Linen Magazine, The Mamiya Blog
  • [Canada] Canadian Automobile Association Magazine
  • [France] Le Monde de la Photo
  • [Australia] Auto Salon Magazine, ANZ Bank, Pearson Publishing Group, Australia Post
  • [Singapore] Torque Magazine, The Singapore Land Transit Authority, INK Publishing
  • [Taiwan] Renaissance Magazine

Some interviews with me:

A note about copyright: Please do not use my pictures without emailing me or contacting me first. That’s all I ask as I usually say ‘yes’ to any non-commercial usage of my work on the internet and am very approachable. So, please ask me first as I have had some bad experiences with work being taken without the people having asked first. It’s not good manners and it annoys me.

Thank you.