Re-energising this blog

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It’s been a long time since I regularly updated this blog. That’s changing as of today. One of the main reasons I lapsed was that, for a long time, I’d been using Google Plus to cross-post pics to this blog. … Continue reading

Tokyo Skytree at Sunset

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Yesterday looked like it might produce a lovely sunset and a views of Mount Fuji. The mountain never materialised but it was a beautiful sunset. I’d been out on Sunday, with some students, shooting the city with telephoto lenses. So … Continue reading

Silhouettes in Asagaya

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The big summer festival in Asagaya is one of those events in Tokyo that have me torn: do I go and brave the massive crowds? Or do I not go and then regret it? This year I went. Stuck around … Continue reading

Explaining how my eyes work

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Part of the challenge of being a teacher of something is to pass on, in easy to understand terms, the things within your realm that are subconscious to you. Seeing, for instance. Why do I see the things I see, … Continue reading

Tohoku winter wonderland

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At various times during the end of 2017 and through into January of last year, I was on a shoot for the JTB and Japan National Parks Authority. It gave me the chance to visit some truly breathtaking parts of … Continue reading

Evening falls in a Tokyo backstreet

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The simple geometry and colour pairing in this quiet backstreet near Asakusabashi typifies why I like spending time with subjects like this. As a professional photographer who needs to deliver for whichever client comes through the door on a given … Continue reading

A wall that I love: Kinshicho

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Kinshicho is a neighbourhood I first discovered about eight years ago. Recently, I’ve been walking there a lot. Tokyo has so many wonderful neighbourhoods to explore and because there are so many of them, one tends to explore them on … Continue reading

Last of the gingko: Shinagawa

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Undoubtedly one of the great charms of Japan in autumn are the gingko trees. Above and beyond the majesty of a vast carpet of fallen, yellow leaves there is, for me, the exquisite beauty of the solitary leaf. In Shinagawa … Continue reading

Patterns in blue: Nihombashi

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I love Tokyo’s winters: piercing blue skies, crisp cold air. But after a while the skies, what I’d call BBB (Blue But Boring), get a little un-interesting. Until, that is, you start using how the perfect flat blue reflects in … Continue reading

Portrait of my daughter, Ami

Portrait photography in Tokyo: my daughter, Ami
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I was working from home yesterday so decided to do a few portraits of Ami and Charlie. Simple setup: one Bowens monolight through a small, shoot-through umbrella hight at camera right, angled down about 50degrees onto Ami. Flash triggered by Photix radio … Continue reading

Fashion shoot: Mari for Shisa Brand

Fashion shoot in Tkyo: Mari modelling for Shisa Brand
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I recently received a commission from the Faroe Islands based fashion label, Shisa Brand, to shoot some shots of a few of their lines.  This shot is just a little teaser of a larger post I’ll put up on my Japanorama … Continue reading

A sunset and a sighting of Doctor Yellow

The Doctor Yellow diagnostic shinkansen passes through Ota-ku in Tokyo
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Doctor Yellow is one of those elusive trains in Japan. It’s used as a diagnostic vehicle, to check track alignment, alignment and quality of overhead electricity lines etc. There IS a schedule, sort of, although most people will tell you … Continue reading